General Information

Numbing spray or desensitising spray for man is a product for keeping a penis erect rather than getting it erect. This product reduces tactile sensitivity allowing minute men to turn into …….. longer than minute men.
This product has several advantages over common viagra style products.
It is common for viagra style products to cause heart burn, headaches and other symptoms. Number spray reduces or negates these effects for most people.
This product is also a lot cheaper than Viagra products which can sometimes run up into the 100s with more premium brands.
Lastly, there is no need for a prescription with this spray reducing the effort that can go into fic=xing these problems.
There is the disadvantage that these products will not bring about an erection so for a subset of viagra users this product will not help at all.
There is also a risk that you don’t use the product correctly and ruin your partners fun.



 Don’t use on inflamed regions. Do not use this if you or your sexual partner are allergic to localised anaesthetics.


General Directions

Usually, 3 to 8 sprays are required to the body of the penis 15 minutes before intercourse. If you use it to close to intercourse you may ruin the sexual performance of your partner.
Not to be taken as professional medical advice.